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Solar Panel System FAQ

Solar energy is the resulting radiation from the sun that is capable of producing heat and generating electricity through chemical reactions, commonly referred to as ‘green’ power.

Solar radiation is light or electromagnetic radiation that is emitted by the sun.

There are two kinds of solar energy. Concentrating solar-thermal power (CSP) and photovoltaics (PV).


The most common solar energy is (PV) that is generated through solar panels. When the sun is shining on solar panels, energy is generated, then absorbed within the panel through the PV cells.

The resulting electrical charges moving in response to the internal electrical field inside the cells cause electricity to flow.

Concentrating Solar-Thermal Power

Concentrating solar-thermal power (CSP) are used primarily in very large power plants.

Mirrors collect solar energy, converting it to heat when reflected and concentrated onto receivers. The heat can be used for producing electricity or stored for use at a later time.

Solar panels or photovoltaic cells are the most common form of harnessing solar energy and commonly installed on homes or commercial buildings.

For larger applications, such as photovoltaic power stations, they are arranged and aligned side by side for capturing sunlight in large fields.

When the sun’s rays are hitting on the cells, electrons are released from their atoms through the cellular semiconductor materials within each panel. The flow of electrons through the cells generate electricity.

Solar energy is a renewable and inexhaustible energy source. The sun is a constant, fixed presence that remains the same from day to day, month to month and year to year. Everywhere on earth receives sunshine making solar energy available anywhere.

Solar energy creates employment for builders, developers, maintenance techs and installers. The solar industry fuels the economy offering businesses and families investment opportunities, creating local wealth and jobs.

Minimal maintenance is required when solar panel systems are set up and in place. Other than periodic cleaning, it is an electrical system and has a useful lifespan of up to 25 years.

Solar panels are very practical and very easy to dismantle when time to remove or replace them. Materials are all recyclable that can be reclaimed and reused. This reduces the environmental impact of solar energy overall.

A solid, reliable technology that is improving but really has become a mature technology. Solar panel systems are durable, reliable and they perform.

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Save on solar panel installation in Pitt Meadows

Is it worth getting solar panels in Pitt Meadows?

Pitt Meadows actually is an excellent area to collect solar energy as we enjoy long summers, producing generous measures of electricity.

Power My Home® install solar panel systems in Pitt Meadows that generate electricity all year round. Yes, there is a valuable return getting solar panels in Pitt Meadows.

How much does it cost to install solar panels?

The average cost of a typical solar panel installation in Pitt Meadows may range, on average, from $12,000 to $30,000.

Power My Home® will be most happy drop by and give you a FREE estimate!

What is the $5000 solar energy rebate in Canada?

Couple on laptop reviewing BC Hydro credits available in Pitt Meadows

Solar panel rebates in BC

Eligible homeowners in Pitt Meadows can qualify for up to $5,000 total rebates retrofitting across all upgrade categories. Retrofits that are both eligible and recommended by an energy advisor will be reimbursed.

Interest free, unsecured Canada Greener Homes Loans are available up to $40,000.

BC Hydro credits you back when generating your own solar energy

Man attaching new solar panels on rooftop

BC Hydro net metering program

When generating more electricity than you are consuming, you feed it back into the grid and you will get a generation credit applied towards your future electricity use. If you don’t generate enough solar energy to meet your needs, you continue to buy electricity from BC Hydro.

The net metering program is open to residential and commercial customers in British Columbia. You can participate if your solar energy generators meet the eligibility criteria on BC Hydro Power Smart.

Power My Home® install solar energy products in Maple Ridge, Port Coquitlam, Surrey, Langley, Port Moody, New Westminster, Burnaby, Richmond, White Rock, Delta, North Vancouver, Vancouver, Abbotsford, West Vancouver, Chilliwack, Penticton, Kelowna, Vernon, Armstrong, Lumby, Salmon Arm, as well as Vancouver.

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About us


What is our why?

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Power My Home® was founded by Sam Mraiheen in 2012 after a severe storm took out power in Eastern Canada for three days, plummeting the entire town in darkness.

The timing was perfect for a start-up company focusing on off-grid power and alternative energy.

Since that time, Sam has been helping hundreds of clients go solar with solar power, batteries and generators.


Get remarkable functionality at an affordable price

Power My Home® models include features that are often additional-cost options on other brands. Compare our standard features and pricing to our competition and see why we are clearly your best choice for clean, quiet, portable power.


Discover clean, quiet, portable back-up power generators

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Power My Home® inverter technology delivers clean, consistent, clear power that won’t damage sensitive electronics such as flat screen TV’s, laptops, or game consoles.

All our systems are CETL, EPA, CARB and CSA certified and fully meeting the most stringent air-quality standards in place across North America.

Power My Home® systems are tailor designed to meet all of your specific needs whether It is Hybrid, Grid-tie, or fully Off-grid.

How long do solar panel systems really last?

Solar panels installed on attached garage roof

Power My Home® solar panels are tested for electrical characteristics such as insulation resistance and wet leakage currents.

Our panels also undergo mechanical load testing for wind and snow; climate tests for UV exposure, damp heat, weakness to hot spots, hail impact plus additional outdoor exposure.

The industry standard for solar modules manufacturing warranties is 25 years.

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Solar panel key takeaways.


Solar Panel Systems bring you a sustainable energy source promoting energy independence and are a cost-competitive alternative to fossil fuels.


Solar Energy has advanced with technology, offering efficiency and storage capacity. Your excess energy is credited back into the grid to you.


Solar Panel Installation rebates and financing incentives make it available for everyone to substantially lower energy costs and attain long-term savings.

The advantages of going solar energy

Your savings are always instant with renewable solar energy

There are so many advantages gained when you go with Power My Home® for your solar energy.

Solar panels installed in open field
  • Good for the environment
  • Make your home go off the grid
  • Experience less electricity losses
  • Improves overall grid security
  • Help create more jobs and economic growth in BC

Call Power My Home® if you are ready to power up your own solar energy!

Achieving net zero capacity for maximum savings!

Ultimately, you are taking yourself off of dependency of the grid to self power your home or business and becoming net zero capable. You are not only reducing your electricity bill, but you are actually getting paid for every exported kWh unit you do not use with predictable payback for the next 25 years.

While generating your own FREE, clean, green electricity, you are also reducing your own carbon footprint.

You are increasing the value of your property by up to 4% and you can remain totally functional in the event of natural disasters.

With solar energy there are no maintenance costs or no moving parts involved. The installation of state-of-the-art equipment and components is fast with minimal disruption.

Solar energy panels, products & services


Solar Panel Ground Mounted on Side of Hill


Off grid solar panels mounted beside trees


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Backup generator in Pitt Meadows beside house


Standby generator in Pitt Meadows beside house


Backup battery  units in Pitt Meadows

When disaster strikes and the power shuts down in Pitt Meadows, your GENERAC® generator detects the outage, automatically powering you back on.

Installing solar panels in Pitt Meadows

Professional solar panel installation services by Power My Home®

If you are considering a solar panel installation for your home, business or industrial property, call Power My Home® and we will be happy to provide a FREE consultation to help you answer all of your questions.

Discover how you can enjoy and benefit from the long-term advantages of solar power in Pitt Meadows to maximize your solar energy potential plus how to apply for the BC rebate and interest free loan.

Power My Home® serve residential, businesses and industrial properties. We will be happy to provide a FREE consultation to help you answer all of your questions.

Discover how you can enjoy and benefit from the long-term advantages of solar power in Pitt Meadows to maximize your solar energy potential plus how to apply for the BC rebate and interest free loan.

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Power My Home® are your trusted solar panel installers in Pitt Meadows

All solar panel systems are custom designed and installed specifically for meeting your own needs and requirements.

Power My Home® provide solar panel installation for roof mounted, ground mounted, on grid, off grid solar panels as well as battery backup systems.

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